The track

Ok, so we need to begin construction of two identical, high strength tracks for use in moving the RORV.  

Current deisgns lie with tracks built from bicycle chains and used tires.   The limitations of bicycle chains, however have not been considered.  Are these chains rated for at least 50 lbs each?  Very likely (if not using a child’s chain).  Could these chains be sized and joined easily, to create a custom length track?  If 3 chains were constructed on each side, then center chain may be used for drive.  2 chains per side could provide stability and strength support for the drive chain.   

It is theorized that rubber sections may be cut from old tires and shaped for use as traction for the track.  Any experts here?


The frame.

I wanted to give a good idea as to where we actually are at, and what the first steps will be.

The frame is well prepped, and brackets have been added (temp) to hold the two 12v batteries.

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We have brackets to mount the motors to the frame (one on each side).  The motors are 24v DC Bosche 750w motors, and should provide adequate torque.

A question has come up, though.  Would it be most efficient to mount the motors in the middle of the frame, or further towards the front?  Would one method be more precise for small movement than the other?

After mounting the motors, a track must be constructed.  Any track vehicle hobbyists out there?  Currently, designs are being reviewed for constructions of tracks based on bicycle chains and used tires.  4 or 5 chains could be joined to create each track.  Rubber pads could be constructed from old tires, and given appropriate grip for traction.

Once the drive system has been added to the frame, we can start to work on the various components (electronics, robotic arm, etc) in the appropriate order.  First thing’s first, and if the bot can’t move efficiently, then we have a problem.

We will need to purchase some materials soon, also.  This includes: square bar, steel rods, gears, chains, and other metal stuff; and also servos and components for the brains.

If you have experience with:  servos, RC, or anything robotic or electronic, we want to hear from you!